Knife Skills: Part 2

27 Jan

Learning to Cut:

  • The Rolling Technique

  • The Pivot Technique

  • The Up & Down Chopping Technique

These are the 3 main types of Cutting Techniques.

The Rolling Technique will be used most often in the kitchen.  So this is the Lesson we will discuss today.  It is quite easy to get the hang of but practice makes perfect.  You will need your Chefs or Sotuku Knife (whichever you prefer) and a big enough cutting board to accommodate your knife.

To start learning about the Rolling Technique you will just be using your knife and cutting board.  With this technique the knife will roll through the food doing the work for you.

The front of the knife will never leave the board as you drag it back towards the food that you cutting.  The back part of the knife is lifted and then pushed forward again.  As you get the hang of it you’ll start to see that you are making a circle; have someone hold up a circular lid next to where your cutting to better demonstrate this for you.

The school recommends mastering this technique with just the knife and board first before you begin working with food.

Tip: Always make sure that you are using the proper size cutting board for the knife and food that you are working with.

Stay tuned, there will be pictures and videos added to better demonstrate each lesson.


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